orange oval Adderall (Teva manufactured) vs pink round Adderall (Core Pharma manufactured)...
So I have ADD and Narcolepsy so I really depend on my medication to keep me awake and functioning. I take Vyvanse in the morning and 1-2 amphetamine salts 30 mg IR in afternoons. Recently (within last 2 months), I noticed that my pharmacy has been giving me the ROUND, PINK Adderall (instead of the orange, oval ones) and I feel like they ARE NOT working well for me at all? When I had the orange, oval ones I felt that I could stay awake and function, but since the change to the pink round ones I have found myself VERY groggy, sleeping through appointments and work, very bad brain fog. Anyone share this experience?? Also- just found out that the form they switched me to has different ingredients in it, one of which is lactose. Well- I have an autoimmune disorder triggered by several foods that I am intolerant of. One of which is dairy (lactose). I am so frustrated 
Core adderall is generic. Teva Adderall is the name brand. Actually I don't remember which is what, but you'd be surprised at the different ingredients from different manufacturers! Whichever one works the best for you is the one ur Dr can specifically order to be filled.
I am the exact opposite. The round pink ones are the ones that work best for me. Different pharmacies have different generics, so I just try to get mine filled at the same pharmacy every time.
Both the orange and pink are generics. They are both referred to Amphetamine Salts. My last prescription I got the pink ones too, and feel I might as well take a Tic Tac.
Well I have just been diagnosed with narcolepsy, and I have never taken anything else for it until a week and a half ago my pills are the round pink Adderall Core ones and I am not feeling a difference at all yet!!!!! I'm still sleeping like crazy! I feel hopeless. Going to reddit to see if I can find something there
I just went through this with the blue Adderall ones. Not only were they far less effective but they gave me the most unbelievable reflux. It was so bad that I went three days without any adderall until I could get a new Rx. That's pretty bad cause my N meds are the ones I NEVER skip.
We had to change pharmacies because the round ones didn't work as well for my husband or myself either. We had to get them last time because the other manufacturer had them on back order so it would have been a long time before we got them, but there's definitely a difference in efficacy between the different manufacturers versions.

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