Top Nootropic for SELF CONTROL. Shoot.

-Note: From a behavioral standpoint DISCIPLINE or WILLPOWER is the interplay of three brain functions: Being able to DO what you DON'T WANT do. Being able NOT TO DO what you desire and being able to create a clear picture of where you want to to go in life. -

Phenylpiracetam increases my discipline and reduces procrastination. I think because my procrastination stems from a subtle fear of failure, and phenylpiracetam has anti-anxiety properties
I find fasting improves willpower(even if for just 24 hours) as you're continuously becoming aware of impulses and urges that you then DO NOT respond to, while at the same time sticking to your tasks for the day. Meditation following fasting is amazing, as well as cogitating(thinking deeply) about a single thing or concept you want to get better at or achieve, or just explore. Cogitating works like a distillation or calcifying process, whereby you first start off with just the sound of the word "Fork", then you develop a picture of "fork", then you ask questions around "fork", and see the interconnectedness between other "forks", and all the other facets of life it touches. tl;dr: set aside some time(4-30 minute) a couple of times a week to think deeply. And fork.
Once again, this sounds like a case of expecting too much from nootropics.

Nootropics can typically only enhance very distinct cognitive systems such as attention, working memory, retention in long term memory of information processed through working memory, problem solving (via working memory).

For some people, these improvements may amount to improvements in self control, yet there are other factors involved such as the strength of habits that a person has, as well as their underlying motivations for engaging in those habits. People still have psychological needs and no nootropic will simply make those disappear. Different individuals have different psychological needs: some people are almost completely driven by money, status and power; others are driven mainly by the need for validation (of their looks or personality) and for connection; others still may be motivated by curiosity and intellectual stimulation, which can be especially strong as a behavioral motivator as equally as hard to pin down.

For these reasons, motivating factors such as primary needs will always trump whatever slight improvements nootropics might provide.


The above was meant a disclaimer for any nootropics you might consider using for improving self control. As for what would be good nootropics:

- fasting and meditation as suggested earlier
- Modafinil and any smart drug typically prescribed for sleep disorders or ADHD; although stimulants such Adderall can decrease self control if they result in anxiety
- Mucuna pruriens and Rhodiola, which increases release of dopamine, the neurotransmitter implicated in being deficient for people with addictions (a condition of lack of self control)
I would suggest caff/theanine... I personally think it too often overlooked as a cheap option.
Piracetam is a good way to go. It helps with concentration and productivity immensely. I finished my law degrees thanks to it. Has 3 side-effects, but not very important ones. It's also quite cheap. 2400 mg/day should improve your concentration!

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