I'm very impressed with Triacetyluridine (TAU). It gave me energy, motivation, positive mood, but possibly jitteriness, but that could have been from something else I took or an interaction. Anyone else can review it? Please share your experience.
I just tried Triacetyluridine for the first time today but I've had it in my drawer for about six months. I can't give any clear feedback as the effects were masked my a cocktail of noots. I took it today after I got home from work. I came home pretty tired but we were going out to dinner and I didn't want to get sleepy so I make an anti anxiety/energy stack. After my cocktail I did seem a little happier and calmer than normal with enough energy that I didn't get tired at all this evening.
40MG Triacetyluridine down the hatch with 400MG DHA (fat soluble).

Definitely impressed. This will effect different people differently. So - my experiences might not mirror yours.

I'll do a review video of it on my blog later today and post it here. To summarize though:

1. No effect on verbal fluency. Which is ok because:

2. It has a noticeable effect on my systems thinking. I can hold several pieces of information in my head, examining each piece, part by part, and then effortlessly synthesizing a conclusion from it all. This happens to me with Aniracetam (750MG).

3. It made my overall processing faster. I don't "feel" anything, which is in line with most good nootropics, but I can tell my brain is processing information faster.

4. It gave me a mental energy that seems freakishly endless. It's like I want to sit down and do cerebral work right now. People get that experience with nootropics like they just want to go do some quantitative work.

Update ---- 1.5 hours after administration, verbal fluency and vocabulary accessibility improved. I own a technology company, and dealt with a bit of customer service issues today.

So I recently added Triacetyluridine to my stack and WOW!
It's quite energising and stimulating. Way better than UMP IMO (I took 500mg UMP subL for about 2 months and never really noticed any effects from it). i HAVE HAD TO STOP USING PiRACETAM AS USING BOTH TOGETHER LEAVES ME OVER STIMULATED AND messes with my sleep. I have also had to stop taking NA selank which works wonders for me. I would not have felt comfortable stopping using NA selank. But since using Triacetyluridine has stabilised my mood. It last all day, perhaps a bit too long as I still feel stimulated in the evenings even after aggressive work outs during the day and eve which would normally have left me shattered without it. I love this stuff. I started with 25mg with food. Today I took 10mg with my morning stack with water and no food and still got something out of it, though not as much as I would have if I had taken it with food. But I'm happy with that anyway as I mentioned earlier I am testing the waters in an effort to find the right dose for me without becoming overstimulated on it. As you know; taken with fish oil and Phosphatidylserine works best. Please comment on your own experience with Triacetyluridine . I highly recommend it for increased mental energy and improved mood stabilisation. 10 out of 10. here is a link to some infor relating to the benefits of both UMP and Triacetyluridine -
I've been taking Triacetyluridine, and it's amazing. It keeps my mind awake for 24-hours after taking 150mg. So, I don't take any more than 75mg a day. I can pull all-nighters with Triacetyluridine as if it's daytime. There's no caffeine-like jitteriness. However, there is a downside. Your muscles will ache if you don't sleep. Triacetyluridine does nothing for your muscles. If you take too much Triacetyluridine (150mg or more), then you need to slow down your brain to sleep by using a broad-spectrum GABA agonist, such as phenibut.
I haven't taken it in a while. My latest pet supplement is combining L-Citulline with Citrulline Maleate, Aginine and Agmatine. While it may have nootropic properties, I find it works surprisingly well as a Viagra replacement or enhancer. Horny Goat Weed and all the others never did a thing for me. Nor have any adaptogens whatsoever.
I’ve been taking Triacetyluridine daily for the last 9 months in my morning stack. Admittedly I’ve been taking a number of other noots daily without narrowing my focus on how much of it is Triacetyluridine , but I will say I’ve noticed a nice boost in my daily mood. Will keep buying.

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