Weird question... Anyone who takes you sometimes have trouble urinating?
I'm prescribed 75mg a day and I take it on an as needed basis, depending on my work schedule and tasks for the day. I've been working a lot lately so my adderall dosage has been between 30 and 75mg daily for the past week and a half, and I've noticed its sometimes difficult. I've always been someone who drinks an incredible amount, I don't leave the house without a water bottle, and my adderall and two other meds have known side effects of dry mouth/excessive thirst/irritated bladder, so I'm used to going to the bathroom often. But whenever I take my addy consistently for a week or more, I have the urge to pee but struggle to actually do it?!
Simple google searches have told me this is somewhat common, but I'm wondering if it is for my fellow narcoleptics and if it's a standard/safe side effect and if there's anything that alleviates it for you all.
I have this same issue and I don't have a prostate lol it's the worse for me before bed! I feel like I have to pee but then barely do. Iv wondered if it's inflammation. Like something around my bladder is inflamed(stomach bowels) Or constipation can cause that feeling too. It's hard to say what exactly causes it but it's annoying as hell!

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