Any one have advice for using adrafinil effectively?
Use milk thistle, it will help. Since adrafinil is a pro drug of modafinil its a bit hard for your liver
N-Acetyl-Cysteine as well, its part of my daily stack for the peripheral benefits, including liver protection. If you can get effective doses at 200-400mg then use it there, but many people need 600mg (equivalent to 200mg modafinil) for it to work. At that dosage, definitely do not use it every day, at lower doses you could probably use it a few days in a row and be fine. Pay attention for any gut pain, and take some days off if there is any.
at 200mg I had a headache all day, could I just be extra sensitive, is that common?
I was mentioning 600mg as the ceiling, that is the top dose that some people need if they are medicating with 200mg modafinil. At 200mg it was effective for me, you may have gotten a headache from a lack of some B vitamins, especially if you had caffeine already that day. Make sure to eat well and stay hydrated when taking anything that is hard on the liver or is stimulating, the faster you flush your water table the quicker that some side effects show up.
I have used Noofon, a pill with 300 mg adrafinil plus 40 mg. ginkgo. I don't do it often, but can get a little headache. I supplement with some choline. (and yes, some milk thistle). Wishing we had more "specific" knowledge on the potential liver issue. I have read it would only be bad after a long period of intake. I suspect it could vary great person to person.Wish there was another way to assuredly know what is up with the liver, other than a blood test for liver enzymes (would love a more "real time" monitoring). Meanwhile, I just use occasionally.
For me, I have to have a totally empty stomach. 600 mg. I took in powder form at 6 am and it would have me feeling good and alert til about 4pm. (Up on my feet all day on hospital floor)
I have ADD, & that seems to give me & other people I know a naturally high tolerance for stimulants. Even taking 600 mg with a gram of oxy p, & a lot of coffee it's barely noticeable, if at all.
I've never taken more than 600 mg of Adrafinil, because it can be hard on the liver.

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