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Will Phenibut and baclofen help with Xanax and clonazepam withdrawal? Posted on April 28, 2017

The absolute best thing to get off Benzos (And Alcohol as well) is TIANEPTINE. No matter what form (Sodium, Sulfate, or Acid; The latter two last longer). Absolutely no withdrawal symptoms and also helps in its own way in various areas. However, typically to achieve these effects, the dose needs to be at least 100 mg rather than the "therapeutic" miniscule dose of 12.5 mg. It can become quite expensive, especially if your doses start to escalate. Try to avoid that at all costs. Find a dose that works (relieves withdrawals), and stick to it. It's a wonder drug if you're strict with yourself and avoid recreational use. 5 grams are typically ~$30-40 for the quick-onset, but short-lasting Tianeptine Sodium. Tianeptine Sulfate is more expensive (~$50-60 for 5 grams), but comes on gradually and lasts about 3x longer. Tianeptine Acid (~$26.88 for 5 grams) is my favorite. It's the cheapest and lasts about as long as the Sulfate, maybe longer. The Free Acid form requires a higher dosage, but is much easier to handle than the hygroscopic Sodium form and the price overall is still better. Google Tianeptine Acid and you'll find it. Phenibut, on the other hand, is also a really good choice for Clonazepam withdrawal. I can't say I've tried it long-term, but for the little while I tried it, withdrawal symptoms were relieved to a fairly significant degree. I was taking 2-3 grams at the time, but it helps with insomnia, anxiety, and generally kind of chills you out. Plus it makes music sound AMAZING. Anyway, from my experience, Tianeptine definitely works and so does Phenibut, however to a fairly lower degree.