Has anyone ever been prescribed viibryd? I just started on it this week. I was wondering the side effects and if has helped anyone with anxiety disorders ?
Nausea and headache. I take it at night before I go to sleep so I'm unconscious when they hit.
been taking it for six months....has helped a lot
This is just me, everybody is different, but I had a severe reaction to Viibryd....all my muscles became rigid one by one and became painful....I had to go to the ER! This was only after 3 doses! But that was me!

I got prescribed it for generalized anxiety disorders and major depression and im iffy about it, dont like taking new meds, causes anixety just thinking about it

Tried it made me very sick and manic. I took it with food as prescibed and it was not a pleasant experience.
Day 2 of my new antidepressant viibryd and my stomach is upset.

My doctor prescribed me Viibryd, Gabapentin, and clonazepam.. And I'm new to it.. She has me on 20mg of viibryd and 300mg of Gabapentin 2 of them 3 times a day and I've been so dizzy and feel very uncomfortable like a zombie... I've been on so many other meds for my anxiety disorder, panic attacks, depression, and agoraphobia.. And nothing has worked for me.. I'm just hoping this feeling goes away and it will help me...

Yesterday my doctor put me back on viibryd to help with my anxiety. I tried it for about two weeks over a month ago but took myself off it thinking I didn't need to be on anything. I'm now seeing that I need medication to function and that is okay with me.

I just want to be the best mommy that I can be for my beautiful boy

It's only been one day on the viibryd and I'm already starting to feel it. I feel good today. Hopefully it just gets better from here. I just need to stick to this medication.
I took viibryd too n had mch worse panic attacks I stopped takin it n now I'm on buproprian rs150 n zanax it helps me but jus a lot of meds out there sumbdy says colonopins r good also !!! Hope u feel better

First night on Viibryd(new anxiety med for me), I didn't sleep much and got a little nauseous. The doctor wasn't kidding this stuff is strong but in a good way. He said I could take it morning or night but I'm so relieved I took it at night, that's when my baby sleeps. Not that I wouldn't be alert for him on this new medication, it's just it is a bit strong and I was less nauseous in the morning. I'm going to take it for one month and see how it goes. It's hard to say if I'm improving or not because it's only been one night lol. I'm definitely feeling it though. I'm curious what everyone else takes for anxiety or other meds to treat depression etc. 

I can't think of anyone that I came accross that were happy with their meds or the results of it. I've been on so many different stuff for depression and I don't like any of it because it drugged me alright but it doesn't help me. I'm more depressed than ever before and it gets worse with each day. I don't even know the names of the pills I'm on, I just take it.
Well, I've been on it since it came out in July 2011. I've had problems with gaining weight on the other antidepressants I was on before (for the last 10 years). Since it is so new, I was wondering what others thought if they were taking it. Seems like it "lasts" right at 24 hours for me, then I start to have the depression "doom" feeling. Also, it keeps me wired, so I take it in the morning.
Just a lil insight on vyybrid it is commonly prescribed for severe depression and anxiety however i was on it andit made my symptoms worse also gave me shakes
I took viibryd for a while, and it started working very quickly but it only worked at the max dose for a few months for me.
Trazadone helped me get to sleep, didn't keep me asleep after a while and I kept waking up. I would rather it take me awhile and get a full nights sleep.
But other people I have known have taken trazadone and had no problems. We al km have different chemistries.
I've never heard of Viibryd and I thought that I had been on everything out there. Lol I should ask my doctor about it. Is it a new antidepressant? I've taken Trazodone for 3 years now and it works great for me. I started on 50 mg and am now at 100 mg. I don't feel tired in the morning either.
I am taking Viibryd. What are the negative reviews you read? it doesn't seem to be helping at all. Prozac was better.
Ive been taking the viibryd for 3 days and the only thing I know right now is that I have crazy dreams

Viibryd is a good med. it helps with disorders like anxiety also. I take a ton of stuff for my craziness also. It's newer and more advanced. It should start working in 7-10 days

Should help you. I have PTSD for other reasons. Viibryd is new, was not for me but i've heard good things from other people. Take care Justin.

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