I tried Vinpocetine this morning. Felt dizzy for almost an hour :(
yes, its vertigo-like dizziness. never tried vinpocetine before. i heard its more potent than ginkgo, so i bought one earlier this day, tried it 2 hours ago. i felt dizzy for almost an hour and now the dizzy has stopped. (y)
I got this when I tried vinpocetine, as well. Dizzy, not feeling good. Lightheaded. Maybe too high a dose??
Low blood sugar levels?
I took 10 mg capsule. maybe i should try a lower dose. thankyou paul! (y)
Btw, keep a blood pressure monitor on hand when trying new drugs. Blood pressure is often a tell-tale indicator of what's wrong when you're dizzy. If your blood pressure is low, drink a full glass of water. If it's high, potassium, magnesium beet, juice, or nitrates might lower it.
10mg is heavy for a new user. It's a vasodilator so it should be used with care.
i think so. 10mg is too much for me. thinking to divide the capsule into 2, 5mg each. 10mg makes me feel vertigo-ish dizziness but i do feel great after the dizzy episode passes (after about 1.5 hour).

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