Does Vyvanse need caffeine / coffee to work best? Just started it and have seen caffeine helps other stimulants work better.
I take vyvanse and drink caffeine all the time with no probelm. Although first getting on it my heart raced but after a week it or so it went away. BUT when i took 2 tylenol with caffeine not thinking it was hell. I dont know why its that way for me but..
I drink coffee every morning shortly after I take my Vyvanse. Not sure if it really affects it or not...I just love that first cup of coffee in the morning lol.
.most stims get a little boost from caffeine of any sort. I always have a cup with both my morning and afternoon stim. I notice a huge difference if I miss my coffee.
I take 90mg vyvanse, I find it takes 30-60min to fully kick in, it holds me about 7-8 hours, then I take up to 30mg Dexedrine to tide me over until bedtime. I usually have 2C coffee about 1-1.5 hours after taking the vyvanse
I don't use caffeine pills but peppermint oil is a great, natural way to get a good jolt. You put it on your thumb and press it to the roof of your mouth. It will wake you up
I take those 100 percent coffee bean pills plus at least 5 pots of coffee if I have to work that day. My doctor is all over me but for me to survive, taking care of my 3 year old, working, etc., I have no choice. After a while though, that doesn't even work.
I have two sons who take stimulants for ADHD; one of them takes Vyvanse and the other Adderall. The oldest (27) drinks coffee like it's going out of style, and it has no negative effects. Sometimes I allow my 13 year old to have caffeinated diet sodas, or regular coffee, and he does fine with them, too. If anything they mellow him out more. Oddly enough, my middle son, 25, refrains from drinking coffee or highly caffeinated products (other than sweet tea) and he does get heart palpitations now and then - but he doesn't have ADHD or take any medications at all. His doctor said that the palpitations aren't abnormal or dangerous, but if they increase to just cut back further on caffeine.

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