Dear....mostly ladies I guess. Does anyone else get a loss of sex drive? I think it's all this medication :( . I take vyvanse, evekeo, and prozac. Now I have no sex life and it's putting a strain on my relationship.
SSRI and tricyclic antidepressants do that to me. I switched to Wellbutrin and that seemed to help but then I had other side effects. Now on Trintellix, which I think might still be an SSRI but not positive. I also came off birth control and started exercising recently and both of those seem to help as well.
Prozac can definitely lower your sex drive. I have worked for Family and Internal medicine for 20 yrs and it is one of the most commonly used SSRI's. The two most common complaints we get with it are lowered libido and weight gain.
Yup! SSRIs (Prozac for over 10 years and then Luvox for about 2 years) completely annihilated my sex drive. I added Wellbutrin but it didn't help much. I recently switched from Luvox to Clomipramine (generic for Anafranil), and it seems to have gotten better!
IT'S THE PROZAC..sorry for the caps, lol. There are other meds besides prozac out there. seriously, talk to your doctor about switching to something different because of this side effect. I was aactually grateful for that particular side effect at the time, lol. (was going through separation/divorce), but I had to stop the prozac due to it causing severe insomnia for me at night, which was ruining my N treatment at the time.
Definitely try maca root its a natural herb it comes in a concentrated liquid as well as powder and pill form. I think the best is the powder form in a nice smoothie. You take a teaspoon of it a day until it starts working (usually about a week ) and once every cpl of days after that. It has all sorts of benefits to taking it besides helping with sex drive. Its def worth a try. I get mine from a health food store it can be pricey but so worth it
This is actually one of my worries. I'm currently not on anything for my cataplexy but fear I might need to since it is getting worse. I already have a very high sex drive, so not sure how this will affect me.
Mine is all but gone. I believe it's because of both zoloft and the sleepiness. I go along with it even if I'm not in the mood, on average once a week. Honestly, I'm usually much more into it once things get going. It also helps that we've been together long enough that we no longer feel the need for constant creativity. A minute or two of foreplay, a few minutes for the main act, grand finale, and we're good. The rest of the time, I'm not bothered at all if he "takes care of himself."
Always have had a low sex the beginning the stimulant meds actually increased it ..but now while maybe the desire is there by the time I make it to the bedroom I have no energy as the meds have wore off..definitely leaves the hubby feeling unwanted..and no matter how I try to explain that it's not that I don't find him attractive and enjoy making love I just have 0 energy to act upon the desire..
I think it would be interesting to include the guys in this question since they naturally have a higher drive. If men actually are losing desire that would be wild. My drive has been in full force no matter what the meds or what age bracket in life. I think intimacy is very important in a committed relationship though so maybe that has to do with it. I've never been "too tired" for rediscovering my significant other. Ironically, I'm the Narc of the group that's been single the past
My sex drive was none existent before I started medication for N....Which in part I think was due to just being completely exhausted. Now I am pretty normal as long as my energy level is OK. If I am exhausted, it isn't going to happen. And I take a tricyclic antidepressants to treat Cataplexy. I am not on Prozac or Zoloft though. My doctor has me on Nortriptyline.
My sleep doctor told me that my meds will lower my sex drive. Im on adderal. I have noticed it a little bit lately. Not sure about prozac but maybe talk to your doctor about your specific meds. I usually have a med free day once a week, and have a glass of wine and a bath which helps me get in the mood. Good luck.
The meds probably don't help much, but for me it's sensitivity and exhaustion. It's a catch 22... when I don't get restful sleep , my sensory processing disorder becomes exacerbated... and when my senses are heightened and every hair on my body hurts my skin.. it's pretty hard to sleep. So it leads to further exhaustion and further sensitivity. My clothes touching my skin hurt... never mind touching.

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