Can anyone here recommend something that decrease appetite(not modafinil)? It doesn't have to be a nootropic. If it isn't it will probably still have some kind of nootropid effect in the long term because obesity isn't good for the brain.
Ephedrine/pseudoepherdine + coffeine + aspirin (something like pill of sudafed + 200 mg caffeine(pills) + 300mg of aspirin 2x daily before meal. Im going to test this stack on myself in this week.
Malnutrition is also bad for the brain. Saying that an anorectic is necessarily nootropic because obesity impedes proper brain function is akin to saying that since constipation makes people miserable, laxatives are antidepressants
Vyvanse known to regulate the apetite. Garcinia cambogia is quite effective, also increases serotonin. Good to reduce carb cravings
Racetams seem to boost my metabolism and I eat less and sweat a lot so maybe give that a try
Eliminate sugar and replace with healthy fats like coconut oil, grass fed buttter, and MCT oils. If you put in your morning coffee you can skip breakfast and lunch and then have. A high protein meal around 2:00
Ephedrine and Ephedrine combined with an aspirin and most importantly a Stacker 2. It's quite the stack so I would highly suggest keeping something Gaba related on hand to even you out. Phenibut works best for me.
Bupropion, Phenylpiracetam and the very best: Low Dose Naltrexone -This one inhibits appetite without stimulation. I guess all of those extra endorphins just make food "meh". You get less cravings and feel full faster. Short story on Low Dose Naltrexone: I was taking it and discovered that my sunday cheat meal was becoming a chore. I couldn't down it...It wasn't aversion as much as indifference and we're talking soda and chocolate here! I noticed my dog-like food cravings were gone. I too have ADHD and portions have always been an issue for me- Good luck!
Chewing gum works for me and a lot of people. Also drinking a large amount of water before eating food to fill up your stomach.

Chia seeds expand and take up more space in your stomach.
Every time I take Noopept I totally forget about food and have no hunger for many hours. I don't know if anyone else experiences this but I find it quite amazing.
I just picked up two bottles of MK-2866.Modafinil has an appetite reduction effect in many people.Not me unfortunately but it does help with the motivation to workout.Tyrosine is the raw material for the manufacture of thyroid and noradrenaline,both of which are very important in fat burning.A good quality protein supplement to use a meal replacment would help.Increase fiber intake(vegetables).
I prefer phentermine and t3 but she may not want to take it that far.I am a bit of a pharmacutical daredevil myself but I hesitate to have other people do the same.I dont want the guilt of somebody overdoing it with the "top shelf"fat loss drugs and having a stroke or heart attack.
Don't know about the semax. I'd be wary of drugs for weightloss unless a doctor prescribes it: there are too many side effects such as anxiety and increased risk of heart problems. I'd say your best bet is changing your diet: cut out as much carbs as you can unless it's paired with high fiber (oat meal, brown rice are good for example, more info on reddit), stick to complex carbs. Try also to consume carbs only in the first part of your day and/or after workouts (you'll need the energy). Focus more on increasing high fiber vegetables/less sweet fruit over sweet fruits (celery, onions,carrots, garlic, zucchini, squash, and broccoli, kale and spinach are great.) Finally cut back on meat, particularly pork, beef and lamb (hormones and antibiotics in meat can cause weight gain), and focus on poultry and fish. Same with dairy: eggs are fine, but watch milk products: hormones in milk can increase weight gain. Finally exercise: focus on weight lifting and body weight exercises (pull ups, push ups). Go for moderate weight if your goal is to lose body fat. Do cardio but don't overdo it: no more than 20 to 30 minutes a session. You want to keep your heart rate in the 70 to 80% of your max. Finally give yourself some outlets: I usually pick a day where I can eat about whatever I want.

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