I'm currently doing Bulletproof coffee in the mornings, a low carb/paleo (ish) diet, and taking Choline, Piracetam, and Aniracetam in the morning, and a second Piracetam in the afternoon. Two cups of coffee in the morning, one to two in the afternoon.

The Piracetam is awesome. It's like a motivation injection. In the past week, I've lost 7 pounds, done more exercise than in the last ten years, and come up with several products and content upgrades for my business. I feel like I'm already taking NZT.

However, I'm still exhausted. I went through a whole blood workup and checkup with my physician over the past few months, and have no major issues that would cause the fatigue. I've had it since working nights as a 911 dispatcher years ago. I get 7-9 hours of (good) sleep, but could easily sleep 16 hours if I had no responsibility. I have five children, three under 10 and I home educate. I'm also an author, and need to be not only awake and functional, but extremely productive during the day. The coffee works for a time, but I crash hard after awhile and have to drink more to function. I hate this inconsistency, but the thought of headaches from weaning myself off is daunting.

I just got a prescription for Modafinil, 100mg. I'm concerned about how it might affect me. I'm small - 4'9", and I'm prone to migraines, tension and cluster headaches. The choline has helped immensely, as have supplements like magnesium and CoQ10. My biggest concern will be feeling overly wired and appearing like I'm tweaking or something. How noticeable are the effects to outsiders? Will I be a wild hopping rabbit all the time? Should I be concerned regarding my propensity for headaches? I'm getting ready to launch a book, podcast and video series, and really want to remain as normal in appearance as possible.

You should probably take Modafinil early ish in the morning but not with anything else (racetams), just to see where you land. That is a small dose, about half of what I would take occasionally, to feel the effects. Caffeine will enhance/intensify and the Choline will compliment/support this effort. You can always add the racetams later in the day if needed. Hope this helps in some meaningful way.
Not everyone who takes piracetam gets headaches, also keep in mind that most users actually tend to gain weight. Coffee actually contributed to my migraines believe it or not, so had to switch it up for green tea plus added magnesium sulphate, 300mg daily. For whatever reason noopept and a high protein diet have almost completely eliminated close to a decades worth of recurrent chronic headaches
I am always in an active state which explains my muscle tension. Headaches. Tiredness and poor sleep quality. My active state originates because of adhd and anxiety. Its also learned behaviours that are hard to chance. Maybe its sth similar with you?

My views: stimulants are not benificial for people who run allday, it will exhaust you adrenals. Anti depressants can be usefull because they chill and their anxiouylic properties.
I tend to get fatigued and migraines and I think that for people like us less is more. I find that anything too much is no good and when I experimented with more noots, it sometimes shut me down. I can't really mix and match. Can't comment on the coffee, don't drink it, low carb way to go...what works for me to in terms of getting things done are it taking 'lighter versions' such as NALT and Inositol in particular. I've tried Modafinil, but felt very up and down with it, maybe it's more of an alpha male thing?
I felt the same "tired of being tired" and was an everyday headache sufferer for years and nothing I did changed it until I completely gave up all caffeine, NSAIDS, and acetaminophen cold turkey.

Difficult two weeks followed and that was it.

I no longer get headaches, I'm sleeping, tired at the expected times, and motivated to do everything. My health and blood work came back with flying colors (blood pressure, liver, cholesterol, etc.)

In regard to Modafinil, I started taking it a couple of months ago and it's nothing like caffeine. At the right dosage, you or others will barely notice it other than being able to stay on task. I'm 6'1" at 220 pounds and find 100mg to be almost a little too much. I would wait on this until you get everything else figured out.

Hope this helps.
I've just completed the BP coach programme - sounds like you need to add in some recharge time to your life. You can only operate at that level for a period of time before you have to pay the price. You end up depleting you adrenals. When you ramp up everything you have to support you body and brain with additional nutrients as your using everything up fast. I relate 100%. Not the answer we need really especially when we have careers and children and need to be on top of our game. Our bodies are brilliant at dealing with short term stressors but if we don't get the chance to recharge then out health degrades. I take a lot of nootropics and also biohack but the problem with that is it allows us to operate way past the point we should stop and recharge. Here your headaches. I would potentially see a chiro. As headaches can be caused mainly by our posture and tension. So sitting for long periods in front of our pc's concentrating. Running around after kids. Lifting etc. All contribute. Final advice. Work on the basics light- less blue. More sun early morning and evening. Make sure you're grounded. So bare foot on the grass. This will also help your circadian rhythm Food- work on nutrient density and less processed. Sleep - the hours between 10-12pm are the most rejuvenating.
you may want to look into some really high quality all around vitamins and minerals, from what you described in feel like you may be depleted in something minor that most people wouldn't think about, and unless you get lots of super comprehensive blood work done the only other thing to do is just cover all your bases at the same time.

there were need around 40 vitamins/minerals to survive but the full 90 to really thrive.

the only thing I know of at the moment that has all 90 (and a or almost all organic) is youngevity.

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