I know that there are some noots that can cause tinnitus but does anyone know of a noot that removes tinnitus (that can be purchased in the US)?
Caroverine is prescribed and apparently highly effective for tinnitus. The only downside is that it blocks AMPA receptors which may worsen mood, perhaps causing depression in some people. definitely worth a try
Tinnitus, I have it, is incredibly difficult to get rid of. Many things, mostly herbs, work to remediate it, but only slightly.
If you use tobacco, stop. If you cant, then any remedy you try will be less effective.

It takes a long time and consistency to get supplements to enrich the hairs of the cochlea while they are growing, which happens slowly
This cause of tinnitus is damage to the hairs of the inner ear, which are curved to passively conduct EM signals.
When bent, or broken, they are no longer tuned to the designated frequency and conduct errant EM signals constantly, hence the ringing.
The primary challenge to allowing the body to self correct this issue is one of blood flow, within the capillaries, specifically those which feed the cochlea, which is lower flowing that other capillaries.
We ingest many things the constrict the cardiovascular muscle, reduce its flexibility, and cause obstructions to dilation , but many herbs increase capillary dilation, mainly ayurvedic herbs, most of which have chinese, Indian or scientific names, but here's a few: ginko, gotu kola, ashwaghanda, periwinkle, ginseng, lemongrass, fenugreek, cats claw, milk thistle, muira puama, bilberry, resveratrol, and some non herbs: niacin (full flush, not niacinimide), arginine, lysine, glycine, citrulline, collagen.
Each, and there's more, work only slightly, and depending on the severity of the damage, may not be noticeably effective for many months or years.
I recommend copying the ingredients from existing anti-tinnitus supplements, since you get a better price with standalone herbs, and most serving sizes are not suitable for people of varying body weights, metabolic rates, or health conditions, AND people are likely to continue ingesting substances that counteract the combined slight benefits of ayurvedic herbs.
Personally, the damage to me is too great to remediate. I tried consistently for several years and it only got slightly better but worsens whenever I use tobacco because nicotine is a strong vaso-constrictor.

Hope this info helps. Good luck!
Yes, I do use Piracetam for tinnitus. Not only did it rid me of tinnitus but it also restored hearing between 8Khz - 17Khz, which was previously lost. I do need to quit taking it, I have stopped only to have tinnitus return but it's cheap enough and non-toxic enough that it's no big deal, I can get a bottle of 240 800mg capsules for about $32, and I use 2-3 of those capsules per day so that lasts me almost three months.
What if your tinnitus is not caused by hearing loss as with my friends?

8hz narrow band I think (but may be wrong) is the sound but their hearing is perfect after testing.

It may have been neck strain (which they had at the time it came on) or Ibuprofen use (as the net suggests possible) they were using that and codeine at the higher end of safe use (but within safe use) for 4/5 days.

They were also crash withdrawing from massive weed/pot usage which they feel may have triggered the nervous system to become over sensitive.

It's primarily in one side but they can't be sure it's only there.

My best wishes and sympathies to all who suffer this affliction.

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