I really should have worded my last post better, was in a rush to get into studying.
I asked 'what is the max amount of modafinil to take?'

I'm currently taking 100mg of modafinil, I feel like I perform faster, I watch my lectures at a higher speed and don't have to pause and rewind thinking 'what was that? Missed it'. Information registers a lot easier, and I feel that I'm actually understanding it. Im more focused and have been procrastinating a lot less.

I have noticed a slight increase in heart rate. Nothing more than a coffee. I'm relatively fit so an increased heart rate is nothing out of the norm.

I am thinking about upping the dose to 200mg. My heart rate would probably increase to that of an energy drink. (What's an energy drink nowadays?

Over 200mg does not offer more benefit, just more side effects, according to the literature. I was prescribed as much as 300mg a day for a while but it was to combat the side effects of the 10 other drugs I was prescribed.
I understand that it may not seem like much of a heart rate increase right now but you need to consider your health in relation to the longer term bigger picture. Sure it's fine right but it's really not sustainable - the cumulative effect of that increased heart rate will put unchecked strain on the heart muscle - by uncheckedI mean that the difference between increased resting heart and increase heart rate during activity is that physical exertion is accompanied by a release of growth hormone and other byproducts that can be beneficial. Also, physical exertion related increased heart rate is accompanied by vasodillation through the forced increased stroke volume - in order to perform physically demanding exercise, your heart is required to pump blood in much larger volumes - this is very different to your heart just pumping blood faster but not in larger amounts per stroke. This is why cocaine, amphetamines and other stimulants carry the risk of a cardiac event.
mg does n,t matter if getting result from 100 mg why you need 200 ? more is batter not applied on every thing . i am only taking 40 to 60 mg and no side effect except my eye feel really tired and i am also using for long hours of study like 8 to 10 hours study

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