If I take 70mg of Vyvanse and I fall asleep within 1-3 hours after taking it, does that just mean it has stopped working completely? My doctor keeps telling me it's not that easy for 70mg to lose it's effectiveness. Dry mouth, suppressed appetite and other side effects have subsided so I don't "feel" like it's working anymore like I did before. However, I do feel these things when I take a 20mg tablet of Adderall but I thought 70mg of Vyvanse is supposed to be way more powerful than one 20mg tablet of Adderall? Perhaps I've deluded myself into believing that the Vyvanse doesn't work?
I take 50ml of vyvance once a day. Amd I still can sleep an hour or so later as well. No matter what pill you take it will more than likely not keep you awake a completely full day. In the past I would keep upping the dosage thinking it wasn't enough but its just that you're body is just not going to ever be fully awake all day. Atleast that's what my doctor tells me.
I take Vyvanse and set my alarm to take it at 5 am. I go back to sleep and when my alarm goes off at 7:15 I can talk myself into getting up by around 8 am. Once I'm out if the house I do ok. But on weekends, even with taking it I can sleep until 4 in the afternoon. So it doesn't make me wake up, it allows me to struggle myself awake. If sleep through the 5 am and don't take it, I don't make it to work that day. No matter how hard I try to get up, I'll end up back in bed sound asleep.
I used to take vyvanse until I started xyrem. I had to time it perfectly. I would take it at 10 on an empty stomach and only eat by 11. I only ate Fage Greek yogurt bec it's high in protein. That was the only way it worked effectively for me. I journaled for 2 months to figure out what the problem was. Also I found it sometimes took up to 1.5 hours to fully kick in. I tried not to sleep after I took it.
I've been on Vyvanse for awhile now and have experimented (dr approved of course) with different dosages. None hold me for a full day, naps are still a must. I too found that I have to take it about 2 hours before I want to wake up so that it'll be fully effective. At the 70mg dose I crashed bad in the afternoon and was extremely irritable. My dr would give me short acting stimulants to help push through but that didn't work. I'm now trying a split dosage. I take 40mg at 7am and then 30 mg at noon. This has helped with the crash and irritability. It doesn't hold me all day but it's worked better for me with minimizing the side effects.
I was on it for quite a while although I don't know that it really helped as most of the time I was on it I was eating really well and I feel like my N symptoms weren't as bad during that time as they are now which is why I switched back to adderall. Maybe it's because the vyvanse was working though? Lol I started on 30mg I think which was way too low and I didn't notice anything. Vyvanse relies on your metabolism to work so the effects are different based on how you eat with it from what I've read. I think it's more effective if you eat lots of small snacks throughout the day to keep it working. Still I'm not sure if it's better to eat before or after taking it. I always took it on an empty stomach and then ate. I took 40mg, 50mg and 70mg. I will say 70mg did not work at all for me. It took me a while to figure out there wouldnt be a noticeable energy boost with vyvanse like adderall it just kept me awake which makes it a little harder to tell how it's working until you take it for a while. I wouldn't consider it a typical stimulant. It just made me feel normal? If I could say I knew what that felt like for sure. It definitely didn't wake me up like adderall does. The 70mg made it impossible to sleep at night but I was still tired during the day while I was on it and super nauseous. Would not recommend going that high. The dose I was on for the longest that worked best for me was 50mg but I had bad headaches and nausea even on that dose. I'm 5'4 and weigh 140.
I started on 50mgs of vyvanse. My tolerance went up quickly. Now I'm up to 70mg. It seems to be doing nothing now. I think I'm going to switch back to adderall
I'm trying Vyvanse at the moment (2 weeks now) after 18 years of taking Dexamphetamine and as Vyvanse is quite new in Australia my psych could only really tell me that you can't just go for the same dosage of Vyvanse that you have been having of Dexamphetamine because they don't correlate very well, so I don't really know what kinds of dosages are "normal". E.g. I had to get approval from a second psychiatrist to be on the dose of dex that I was last taking (40mg (8x5mg tablets per day)), but I'm now taking 60mg of vyvanse with no second approval needed, so I really have no idea about amounts and whether its worth trying a bit more per day...
My doc has been letting me "experiment" with vyvanse for the past month. I was prescribed 20 mg pills and advise that I would need to take a certain amount in the morning and then again in the early afternoon. Start with regulating the morning dose and getting that right before you go messing with the afternoon dosage. I'm still awake now bc I took too much this afternoon. I'm finding that 60 or maybe 70mg might work for me in the am and then 20 or 30mg in the early afternoon but def not 40mg in the afternoon. That's what I did to myself today. It's miserable when you take too much.
I'm taking 40mg of Vyvanse. I feel its smoother than Ritalin and Adderal. I don't crash in the evening like I did with Ritalin and Adderal increased my anxiety.
I'd never heard of Vyvanse....Gonna have to look into that - Nuvagil gives me headaches & anxiety, ritalin & Adderall don't seem to last that long and make me extremely irritable & moody - good to know there are other options. Thank goodness for groups like this.
I'm on Vyvanse as none of the others worked or the side effects were unbearable. When I initially got on it about a year ago it was great. It gradually started to help less and less with the sleepiness. My Dr continued to increase the dose and it would be good for a couple of days and then it seemed my body adjusted to it. I'm currently on 70mg and my Dr said that is the highest recommended dosage. I've noticed with the 70mg that I clench my teeth without knowing it until I get an excruciating headache. It's been the best so far and I don't have the crashes that I had with Adderal but it's still not enough to get me through the day. I still have to take two naps.
I'm currently on 50mg and honestly my tolerance gives me about 4 hours of positive effects followed by 8 hours of feeling like shit. Mentally exhausted, depressed, unable to make decisions, zero motivation, and no interest in things I normally would enjoy. It's different for everyone though, I personally wish I could stop taking it but after taking it so long and having school/work I can't deal with the withdrawal. I've personally found by doing some psych. Research that lower doses are actually more beneficial for improved mental health. Also be aware of insurance companies not wanting to help out at all.
if i am going to work i always take 90mg in one dose, on days I am not working i will cut dose to 60mg. I also have the option of adding instant release dexedrine 15-30mg at 5pm if I know I need to be alert in the evening

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