Which one its the best to treat depression along with piracetam+selegiline+l-phenylalanine+b6 stack...just to name a few i can get at my pharmacy: memantine, tianeptine(stablon),maclobemide,pirlindol...thanks.
1)Meditation fixed big part of my anxieties. Its all good, learn to take a distance. Non of the shit is really you. Just let it be.
2) positivity. Depression is a brain that thinks bad. Find positive examples. Fake it till you make it. Let all negativity just be(1).
3)logic. Learn to think logic. Use past experience to challenge logic. Last time when you felt bed. You still got out of bed. So csn you now. Last time it wasnt as bad as you thought. Today it will also be better than expected.
4 ) action. Keep moving. Wherever you go. Standing still is not the way to go.

Search for (mindfulness) based cognitive therapie excersizes. In short: find 3 examples of the opposite of the negative thought. The more you do this the better the outcome.
piggybacking on these claims, I would highly recommend Headspace for a steady meditation guide going from short-duration to longer, and into discovery, mind, creativity, heart... and that's where I'm at now a year later. It takes time, have patience my friend. In the meantime, these things are fun, so have your fun and share your experience here.
there is no other way to treat these 'disorders' other than breaking thought patterns and building new ones. The negative thought patterns are just a frequency that's of lower vibration, fear. All we are doing aligning to a new frequency like changing a radio station that takes quite a while to change in this case but that's all we are doing. No need to complicate it. This is not my opinion it's just our existence, everything is energy.

See to be honest if I done a test right now for schizophrenia I'd be raging a score of about 18-30. That's borderline paranoid schizophrenic if you were to label it, but I am not schizophrenic my thought patterns are just different, am completely able to distinguish fantasy from reality but in reality truth is stranger than fiction and some us understand that and are misunderstood by others.

I love the fact I am different and everyone should be the same, we have broken the mould, stepped out of the normal perception and are making discoveries about ourselves, our universe that give us incredible potential in the future. Wouldn't change it for the world
Selegiline, Moclobemide and Memantine all protect neurotransmitter systems invloved in depression and increase BDNF levels, while also being neuroprotective. They won't ''cure'' depression or anxiety, however they can reduce annoying symptoms and promote a more positive outlook on life while having very few negative drawbacks. For me, moclobemide eliminated my anxiety induced nausea and palpitations ; this made it easier to handle the anxiety and helped tremendouly. The relative lack of side effects of the 3 substances I mentionned when used in low doses is also interesting. I have experimented with Memantine and find it calming while also providing more restfull sleep. If combining MAOI's (selective MAO-A reversible + selective MAO-B irreversible) the dose should be cut (1mg selegiline for example) as they have a multiplying increase in effect on eachother rather than additive increase effect on eachother (1+1=4 and not 2) just saying this because I know you have access to them!

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