Those of you that take Armodafinil - do you take it in the morning? I'm on Nuvigil and Adderall, and ever since I started the Nuvigil I feel extremely foggy and disoriented. Should I be taking it at night instead?
Taking drugs at night which are supposed to promote wakefulness with a stimulant-like effect aren't generally going to be helpful.

How long have you been on it? Sometimes, it is simply a matter of giving it enough time for the serum levels to even out in your system to get a real feel for how it will work for you. But if you've been on it a while or if it's very disconcerting in the meantime, I'd suggest talking to your Dr about the way it makes you feel and see if there is something else you can be put on instead.
Do you take it at the same time with your Adderall? I take Ritalin and provigil and read somewhere that when taken together the provigil absorption is delayed. Maybe try taking them a few hours apart.
I have been taking it at the same time first thing in the morning! Maybe that's the problem. I'll try taking them a couple of hours apart tomorrow. I plan on calling my doctor Tuesday, it's just been a rough weekend. I can't focus, don't feel safe driving, and am really groggy. I've been playing piano for 34 yrs and I could barely play this morning.
I don't feel like the Adderall is working at all (usually that works well for me), let alone working better with the armodafinil.
You should not be taking them together, my doc has me taking the nuvigil first thing in the morning and Adderall XR around noon. She says the Nuvigil has a shorter life.
Nuvigil should not be taken with food, also, as the food impedes the body's absorption. I have started setting an alarm so I take the nuvigil 2-3 hours before I need to be up and alert. It seems to take that long for it to kick in for me. Of course, just about every medication I've ever taken has a delayed reaction from "the norm". I never liked "Norm", anyway.
I have found that the vigil drugs take several hours to kick in and I will take it around midnight or one if I have an early day. Also have recently figured out taking two at once makes me more tired than a split dose six hours or so apart
Nuvigil is an extended release version of Provigil... You would want to take it in the morning... I found Nuvigil to be very ineffective because it doesn't provide that kick in the butt that Provigil has...

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