I live in Australia and want to buy modafinil online. I have major uni exams coming up. Does anyone know an over the counter company / source that is reliable will I get the real thing been looking getting more and more confused? or is it impossible to get?

I ordered Modafinil online for the first time ever from Neomodafinil and I’ve got to say, it’s the only way to go! I discovered this otc company after doing less than an hour’s worth of internet searching and reading. Reports suggested they were legit so I took a chance on them. I actually intended to order from another company at first but there was a problem with processing my payment. I have a debit card from PayPal Business but for whatever reason I couldn’t use that to buy Modafinil, despite it being fully charged up. It all worked out for the best though, as I’m really happy with that vendor. My order came through seamlessly and really quickly, considering it ships all the way from India to my location (Hobart, TAS). Not only was the shipping fast but it was free! Really can’t fault it. I ordered last on a Thursday evening and the confirmation of the order was emailed to me really quickly, I’d say it took less than five minutes. On Tuesday I got the alert in my email that my order had been shipped, along with the tracking number and link to all the information on using the tracking feature. I tracked the package probably about three times a day. At the time, there was a warning on the site which told me to expect a two to four day delay on all tracking updates. The site assured me that my order would be shipped normally but the updates might not properly reflect this.  It was on Wednesday, one day after I got the tracking number and shipping alert, that the package came to my door. Unfortunately I wasn’t home at the time (midday) to sign for it, so I had to collect it from the post office next morning (Thursday). So all told, it took me seven days to get my order but it would have been just six days if I’d been at home for the delivery. The Modafinil itself was everything I was expecting. Really top notch stuff. I was very impressed with Neomodafinil, especially their speedy delivery times, shipping was really quick, so I recommend this source to all my friends and to everyone online thinking of trying them out!


Mondaymeds are recommended. There are many India-made brands they represent: Modalert, Waklert, Modafinil, Modvigil, Modafresh, Modnite, Artvigil, Armod, Modafil. The first time I tried to buy something from this website (it was actually modvigil) my credit card didn’t get processed so I just left it. The following day I spoke to Tomasz, their customer service rep, via email. He contacted me, in fact, to see if he could help. I tried the checkout process again and this time it worked. I used the reddit discount code for my deduction, I think it was 10%. The order arrived in five days to Townsville  which was really good (btw there is no next day delivery elsewhere). So, I can say I’m a satisfied customer. The Modafinil I got definitely does the job of keeping me alert and maintaining my concentration. I have no hesitation in recommending this company!


Im from Sydney and uni exams have started this week and next so I don't think she'd get it in time (to AU it can take 2-3 weeks if to order modafinil from over the counter pharmacies). Definitely not impossible to get for here though. I or no one else I know has had problems buying Modafinil from online suppliers and receiving it here. I'm not saying there isn't a very slight chance it might get confiscated at customs. However that chance is pretty minimal. Even if they did know what it was, I don't know if it's a high enough scheduled/regulated drug for them to bother? :S


I went to see a psychiatrist recently for an issue not related to fibro but because of my BiPolar. He adjusted my medication and I felt much better and I then talked to him about my inability to study and remember things for my exams (I am at Uni again). I had failed two exams yet I knew the information and he said out of the blue that it was all because of Fibro Fog. Now it surprised me because no one expects a dr to just come out and be able to understand what fibro fog is yet he knew exactly what it was.He suggested I use modafinil. I managed to get a trial sample and it worked wonders, increases my memory and reduces fatigue and helps ease the pain, yet to buy it here it will cos me australian dollars as it is off PBS for my use. I can buy it from India from a reliable and trustworthy source for less than half the price. I was very concerned about the legalities so I made some enquiries and have found out that I can import a 3 month supply for personal use so long as I have a script.Well I have a script and I have the blessing of the Therapeutic Goods Administration to import what I need.This new psychiatrist is known to think outside the box.... It is wonderful to have a person that is willing to take a chance with me and help me progress through my degree so that I can get a better job.


Brisbane people here. I started using modafinil too, late last year. Admittedly, my body still hurts, & the fatigue is debilitating, but I can distinguish between the physical fatigue, & the overwhelming soul destroying mental fatigue/sleepiness. I'm not sure people understand how wonderful it is to have at least part of your "self" back. I was sleeping up to 14 hours a day (not all at once), just to be able to do basics of family life (school drop/pick, groceries, washing, cooking), & not much else. I'd catch up for afternoon coffee with friends every couple of weeks, afraid to lose all normalcy & social ties, but that was about it. Not fighting so hard to concentrate during the day actually makes it easier to sleep, because without it, my second wind kicks in after 9pm, when every one else is winding down. However, due to expense (about $87.00 for 30 100mg tablets & because I'm afraid of my body getting too used to it & I don't want to have to keep increasing dose, I try to only use it on average, 5 days a week, depending on, whether I can afford to sleep 1/2 the day.


Since getting myself a prescription for the "limitless pill" (Modafinil) which is legal in Australia everything in my life fucking changed (Thank you so much Bobby for letting me know bout this I love you). I cant thank you enough for what its done for me. I bought some after watching the movie Limitless my bf told me about with Bradley couper from Hangover series. I've always been depressed, self harmed (used to cut myself all the time), neglected my body, moped around, CONSUMED excessive alcohol, partied and slept around with sleezy guys to the point I actually got Chlamydia.

But since I dropped into this ePharmacy (Sunmodalert) everythings been fucking awesome.

Its like Panadol but for bigger head aches. Your laser focused, you think quicker and logically, it improves your memory instantly, 10000 word essays done in 2 days, managing shits easier (people say its like cocaine but dunno never tried coke), I don't procrastinate anymore, I finished UNI with a breeze, got a job, got a promotion, got a partner, got a house on the way and mayybe even kids soon aha x!!

So amazing thanks so much Modafinil Australia and Bobby, you really changed my life  Love you babe!


Why is it prevalent for australian people to keep buying Modafinil thinking its a good nootropic? Guys please do some research, it's not really a noot. It does not enhance memory in fact it has been shown to be detrimental to memory formation. Given it may help you focus in times of stress but do not take it daily as it can have adverse effects on your sleep cycle etc. Do research, find what noots sounds good, trial and error them to see what suits you. Just don't go for pharmaceutical stimulants thinking a quick fix is a good nootropic - if you think that is, IMO I think you have completely missed the point of taking nootropics. Because in the end, Moda will have a negative effect on cognition in the long run. But hey that's just my opinion.


I travelled interstate over the weekend and mentioned to a business associate of mine that work has improved since I started an off-label pharmaceutical.  He told me to come into his office and closed the door and asked what it was and pulled out some Modvigil (I've only ever had Modalert) and asked to know more about it as he'd been taking it for a year on and off after being given about 30 from some high roller in investments. He was told that a distributor actually hands them out to select politicians and officials here in Australia! Crazy stuff.  He obviously trusted the guy so continued to take it but asked me if I got the headaches and didn't really know to be staying hydrated haha. Anyways, we agreed we'd purchase a huge amount of units and distribute in Australia and I suggested we only get ahold of one brand and that we should trade a couple of the two brands and talk later about whether they're just as good as the other. Today I took my first 200mg of Modvigil and it felt just like the first day I discovered the benefits of Modalert so I think we'll settle on Modvigil for sure.


There is a great mail order pharmacy for Australia that I just placed my 1st modafinil order with last week (from Canberra), called pillpack https://www.pillpack.com/ they have a facebook page. All aussie people can buy modafinil from there no matter if you're from QLD, Victoria, NSW, Western Australia, Tasmania or Australian Capital Territory. I know they do not do class II meds. That is what a lot of use daily to treat Narcolepsy, but for basic meds like blood pressure and diabetes meds they look like a great choice. Especially while traveling since they seal your meds for each dose and lable the dose as to what is in it. I am looking for a concierge pharmacy that can do that plus my class II's like Adderall, Norco, Fentynal and Opana. I live on those since I have broken my back 3 times (due to my Narcolepsy)


I would suggest to buy Adrafinil instead of Modafinil. Adrafinil is legal substance in Australia available not only over the counter but within the country I buy it in Melbourne, I know first hand it can be purchaced in Adelaide, Gold Coast, Newcastle Maitland, Sunshine Coast,  Wollongong    .  Medicare approved only half of the 400 mg prescription for Modafinil that is necessary for me to remain awake more than 4 hours a day, and to be able to think clearly while awake. Even 400 mg is not adequate, but it is the most I dare take, given its tendency to interfere with quality of sleep at higher doses. The doctor's office has gone several rounds with medicare attempting to get approval for the necessary dose, but I received another letter from medicare Monday repeating that they will only cover 200 mg per day. The issue is that Modafinil is only recognized for treatment of Narcolepsy, and "normal" narcolepsy does not require the same dosage that brain-trauma-induced narcolepsy routinely requires.My situation is an example of why Government and Health care are incompatible by nature, and it demonstrates why health care must not be "regulated" based on rules derived from statistics, since what works for 80% of the population will kill 20% of the population every time it is tried [these values are to illustrate a majority versus a minority, and do not represent an estimation of actual numbers]. The only possible effect of such misguided statistically-based "regulation" of health care is cost-control via extermination of those with less common health conditions. While I'll admit it does "control costs," the cost of such "cost-control" is horrendous and immoral, and must be changed.When I first realized my days of being able to think clearly could be cut severely short within the next month, I made arrangements to supplement the 200 mg of Modafinil that Medicare will approve with Adrafinil. Adrafinil is converted to Modafinil in the blood, so it is actually the same drug, but it becomes available to the body more slowly. While Modafinil is a controlled substance, Adrafinil is legal. 150 mg of Adrafinil is equivalent to 210 mg of Modafinil. I still haven't heard about whether Medicare will cover the full 400 mg of Modafinil that was prescribed. If they will cover it, I won't need to proceed with plans to substitute 150 mg of Adrafinil.Last week, I ordered a precision scale and a set of weights, including a 50 mg and 100 mg weight, and a trial quantity (5 g) of Adrafinil powder. The Adrafinil arrived yesterday. This morning I tried to measure 150 mg of the powder, and found it is difficult to measure accurately, because it clings to surfaces, and by the time it is measured, there is significant loss of mass by the time it can be consumed. So, I measured 300 mg instead, and added it to 1/2 cup of water, intending to use 1/4 cup per day. However, Adrafinil neither dissolves in water, nor will it form a colloidal suspension. I ended up putting it in a water bottle so I could shake and pour the water quickly. Then I made some white-egg-powder egg nog for breakfast, and poured the 1/4 cup of water containing 150~ mg of Adrafinil into the egg nog.It took about an hour to begin feeling relief from my normal early-morning withdrawal fatigue (a very gentle withdrawal symptom as such things go). There is no high at all, not that I expected a high, since Modafinil doesn't provide a high either. By this time in the morning, I would be headed to take a nap if I had not taken Modafinil, but I don't feel a need to go back to bed, so I figure it's working. I generally feel a sense of refreshment similar to waking from a nap when I take Modafinil. I didn't get that feeling from the Adrafinil. In a minute, I intend to take my usual morning meds (including 200 mg of Modafinil). Hopefully the day will go as usual. (While I believe I have read documentation of the 1600 to 2000 mg dose used in combat situations, when I attempted to cite a source just now, I was unable to find one. I will replace this disclaimer with a citation if I am able to find it.)


Hi, I am from Perth, Australia. I have placed numerous orders with "Onedollarthings" and have received great customer service during every order. The Support team is quick and effective with addressing any enquiries. I initially experienced some difficulties with deliveries but this was due to my ignorance about the signing requirements. Once this was resolved, and I realized that a personal collection is required, I have not had any further issues. I am saving a significant amount of money due to unreasonable and increasing prices at the drug stores that I can now avoid. So I recommend to buy modafinil from these people. Actually they offer  the best deal for australian customers, 1 pill cost about 1AUD 


Find someone in college and ask them to hit up their local drug dealer, usually they get some in during the exam season


No way I'd touch Modafinil for my upcoming exams. It makes my mind duller, if anything. Yeah, I'll get more shit done, but I'm not gonna be...dare I say it - limitless 


When I tried few pharmacies to order some SunPharma Modalert  both had the same outcome: The make you believe you can pay with a visa card but then surprisingly "the payment doesn't go through", when I call my bank they guarantee that no charge attempt was made. And the customer service say the same thing in both websites: yes this happens sometimes, please pay with bitcoins. I refused to do that because I will not be protected as a consumer. I really want to try some Modalert or Hab Pharma modvigil but so far I haven't found any vendor so I can pay via debit card with shipping to my location (Geelong , Victoria)

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